Since its founding, our association has represented only growers from southern and eastern Idaho. Recently, membership was approved for the sixth local member association, the Nyssa-Nampa Sugarbeet Growers Association. This expands the association’s region to western Idaho and across state lines into eastern Oregon and southern Washington. The association’s 700 farmers grow sugarbeets on a combined 180,000 acres in the three states, accounting for nearly seven million tons of production.

To represent the association’s expansion into three states, the name of the association was changed from Idaho Sugarbeet Growers Association to Snake River Sugarbeet Association.

The new name is for the mighty Snake River that provides irrigation water for more than three million acres in the region, including every acre of sugarbeets. The river serves as the lifeblood of agriculture and a focal point of the region’s geography.

Snake River Sugarbeet Growers Association Growing Region