Leading us on the path of success with outgoing SRSGA President Randy Grant

Since 2015, Randy Grant has served as the President of the Snake River Sugarbeet Growers Association (SRSGA). After an amazing 8 years, Randy has retired from his position as President.

The organization saw many changes under Randy’s leadership, including unification with the Nyssa-Nampa Growers Association who joined the organization in 2022. Unification has been a goal of many sugarbeet growers for years. This has been a positive change and has made our industry stronger.

For nearly 2 decades, Randy has been involved with the Northside Sugarbeet Growers Association. He got involved as a receiving station director around 2004 after being nominated by his neighbors. In addition to being President of the SRSGA, Randy served on the American Sugarbeet Growers Association.

You might wonder how Randy became President of the Snake River Sugarbeet Growers Association. It actually wasn’t Randy’s choice. He missed an annual meeting, and his peers elected him to the role. Randy is highly respected by fellow growers, and they placed their trust in him to lead the organization on a path to success. Randy has done just that.

We thank Randy for his tremendous service to the sugarbeet industry. We are better because of his steady and thoughtful leadership.

About Randy:

In 1987, Randy and Angela partnered with a friend, Rocky Hagan, on a rental farm. That relationship grew over the years to include Rocky’s son, Craig. The farm consists of row crops in the Eden and Hazelton area including 1,160 shares of sugarbeets. They also grow potatoes, malt barley, dry beans, alfalfa hay, and corn.

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